Angie's Back Surgery

This site was spawned by an idea from her sister Sara to collect video clips of people telling her to get better. While working with Sara, I came up with the idea of this blog to keep everyone up to date on her status. Angie will see the web site AFTER  her surgery.

A little history...the back story

Angie is 14 years old and was diagnosed with scoliosis several years ago. We tried having her use a back brace for a while but that didn't seem to help anything. We took her out of the brace and she seemed to live a pretty normal life.Over the years we noticed that her back was not improving, but she was not slowed down with her activities like drill team for her middle school, and playing soccer with a local recreational league.

In February 2014 Angie slipped on the stairs and jarred her back. This is when the pain started. We took her to the doctor and they took an x-ray and the doctor was surprised at how fast her condition changed (he was the same doctor we saw several years ago). The curvature of her back has gone beyond non-surgical options. For now Angie has to manage the pain and wait for the surgery.

Show your support and spread the word

Please feel free to post a message to Angie, create a video and submit it to us, or share this site with others. We have already received messages from several people and organizations, and we would also love to hear from you. After Angie is made aware of the site, we are hoping that she will post here to communicate with everyone about her recovery.