Pre-op physical therapy

We just got a call from Seattle Children's Hospital requesting a couple of PT appointments before surgery. We'll be going early and late May.

More get well messages.

Over the weekend Angie got a chance to see several bands(Cassio Monroe, Midnight Red, The Wanted), and meet almost all of them. She know about one get well message because she's in the video, but she doesn't know about the message from Nathan from The Wanted. I've posted the videos and pictures in the gallery. I hope others will follow along and send more videos to surprise her after surgery.

Marathon of doctor appointments

Today Angie and I were at Seattle Children's hospital for five different appointments. We meet with pain management specialists and a physical therapist to start off the day. Those doctors met over lunch to discuss a strategy for getting Angie ready for surgery and how they would help her after surgery. The fourth appointment was to hear what they suggest, which is some PT to help build her strength and possibly some session to teach her self hypnosis.

She was also give a new prescription to help with her pain. It used to be prescribed for seizures but now it's used to help people with chronic pain. It'll make her drowsy so maybe that will help her get more sleep.

The last appointment of the day was with a hematology specialist since our family has an issue with blood clotting. She had a lot of blood drawn to run tests and that will help them figure out the correct process to minimize her chances of blood clots after surgery.

It was a long day but I think it was a step in the right direction.

Sara gets us started

On March 25th, several groups from the television show The Sing Off on NBC came to Seattle for their concert tour. Sara attended the concert and was able to meet most of the performers. She was able to get nine video messages from the performers to wish Angie a speedy recovery. Take a look at the video gallery (

We're hoping to add more. If you want to give a quick message to Angie, please email us using the contact page and attach your video clip so we can share it with her and anyone else that visits the site.