Messages to Angie

We now have a couple of messages for Angie that came through this blog's CONTACT page. I created a "Messages" section in the gallery to share them with everyone one.

Sara and I were talking today about the blog and we decided to create an account for Angie so she can make her own posts after the surgery to communicate with everyone, and comment about the submissions.

Massage therapy begins

Today was the first session for a massage to ease Angie's back pain. So far the therapy has been helping and we plan on going back about twice a week until the surgery. This should help her through the day at school and let her sleep better.

The therapist used a light touch this time to try and get an understanding of what Angie needs. The next session should have some more pressure and get deeper into her muscles.

The second pre-op physical therapy

Even with getting out of school early today for this appointment, Angie still needed to leave earlier than planned. Her back pain was too severe for her to concentrate.

I'm sitting in the waiting room now while she does her therapy. Hopefully they'll figure out some exercises to ease the pain.

On a side note, I sent out the first batch of requests for get well messages to friends and family today. I also sent an email to Midnight Red to see if they can add more to the gallery. I hope people read the email and submit items :)

The first pre-op physical therapy

The first PT appointment was a success. She learned some basic exercises to help strengthen her core muscles. This should help her a little with the current back pain and get her stronger for a faster recovery from surgery. Now the trick is to get her to do these exercises on a regular basis.

Today we also learned that Angie has inherited the family blood clotting disorder Factor V Leiden. So what does this mean for her surgery? She will have to be on blood thinners and monitored closely for blood clots since this disorder makes her about 8 times more likely to develop a clot. She'll probably have to be on blood thinners for a while after surgery as well, but this should not be long term treatment. We'll find out more about how we're going to address this when the surgery gets closer.