Recovery - Day 2

Sara and I didn't get to the hospital until lunch time today due to another appointment for Sara. We were pleasantly surprised to walk into Angie's room and see her sitting in her recliner next to her bed. This was part of the goal today to be able to transition to the chair and back to the bed. The transition from the chair to the bed was a little difficult when trying to get out of the chair. With some assistance from me and the nurse she was able to get up and move back to the bed. Now we just need her to do that one more time today. If all goes well she should be able to walk a little bit tomorrow.

This morning Angie was also taken off her PCA (a self administered pain medication) and she had her drain tubes removed. Both are big steps towards recovery.

Her catheter can be removed any time she feels she's ready, with the caveat that she has to be able to get out of the bed to use the restroom. It's a bit frustrating knowing that she is still in a lot of pain and that makes her grumpy and not wanting assistance from us, only the nurses.

She did have one non-family member come and visit her today. That was really cool. We hope that others will be able to stop by and visit. In case anyone is interested, she is in RC 5.810 at Seattle Children's Hospital and the visiting hours are 8am-8pm. The current target date is Saturday for her to go home. 

Recovery - Day 1

Angie had a rough first night, waking around 1am and not knowing where she was. She did not recognize her mom at first and was freaking out. The combination of pain medication and still getting the anesthesia out of her system caused some memory issues. Even though we talked to her right after she got to her room, and she seemed lucid, she didn't remember any part of that conversation.

Both grandmas, Sara, and I got to her room around 9:30 in the morning. She was awake, barely, and we asked if she wanted to see a little video to cheer her up. The video was 15 minutes long and was a compilation of all the videos on this blog, plus a few more from family and pets. She was overwhelmed when she saw each progression of the video. We started out with the musicians since she new about Midnight Red already. We then went on to the actors.

Thank you to everyone that has sent a video, card, photo or message. She has enjoyed each and every one of them.

After coming back from lunch we were pleasantly surprised to see Angie sitting up on the edge of her bed. This was her goal for the day. She was also able to lay on her back for an extended period of time.

Angie is in surgery now

She was in a great mood, or at least putting on a brave face, as we departed in the pre-op room. She should be back there for a while and we'll be waiting in the lobby for news. They have a pager system here and they said they would be checking in with us every couple of hours.

Stay tuned...

UPDATE 1: Two hours into surgery and I just talked to one of the nurses. They are done with the left side and are now moving to the right side. They should be done in the next 1.5 to 2 hours. Angie is doing fine.

UPDATE 2: Four hours after surgery started and we got the word that she is done. The surgeon met with us to say everything went great. Her curvature is down from more than 70 degrees to about 20. She is in recovery right now and we wait again, this time for the drugs to wear off so we can see her in her room.

Today is the big day

It's bright and early on Monday morning and we are all getting ready to head into the hospital. We check in at Seattle Children's Hospital at 6:45am and the procedure is scheduled to start at 8am. It will last for about 5 hours and then it's time to start down the road to recovery.

Thank you everyone that has submitted messages of support. I'll be reaching out on Facebook later this morning, once I know Angie can't get online, to see if we can get some more messages. This site will be revealed to Angie on Tuesday morning since she probably won't be that lucid this evening. Of course everyone is welcome to keep submitting after that to help keep her spirits up.

Several milestones

Last week Angie completed a couple of big milestones. On Tuesday she got her braces removed. Now she has to deal with a slightly different pain of getting used to wearing her retainer so her teeth won't go out of alignment again.

On Wednesday her mom and I, her sister and two grandmothers, had the honor of attending her promotion ceremony to move up from middle school to high school. She'll start attending Kentridge High School in the 2014-2015 school year.

Now that she has these out of the way we can focus all of our efforts on her surgery and recovery.

Middle Earth sends their support

One of Angie's favorite story lines is Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I sent a letter to as many agents of the actors that I could find and it has paid off. We have a message and photo from one dwarf, a video from another, and signed photo in process from a third. Angie is going to love all this support. Thank you to everyone that has already submitted, and to everyone else, there's still time before we reveal the project to Angie. Of course you are always welcome to post afterwards as well.

One week until surgery

I think the stress is getting to all of us. Angie had a school play last week where she was the prop master. Several of the stage hands did not show up and she ended up doing more work than she should have. Of course this didn't help her back at all. She missed school on Friday (luckily all her finals were completed) and had a massage therapy session to ease the pain. We have one more massage session scheduled for Friday to try and make her relaxed over the weekend.

Angie has been having some problems sleeping recently. I'm not sure if she will admit it but I think the thought of the pending surgery is weighing heavily on her mind. I know that it's affecting my sleep and ability to focus at work. We're doing everything we can to help her through these remaining days.

Recently I've had to play the bad guy and get on her case about her general health. It's been a bit cold and rainy recently, which is the type of weather Angie loves. I keep having to remind her to stay dry and warm so she doesn't get a cold or congestion. Even something as simple as a cold could delay her surgery, and we don't want that.

Angie is the hot topic around school

Angie was in the elevator at school yesterday and someone was asking her about her health. Before Angie could finish, the other student said "Oh, you're the one everyone is talking about". Of course this surprised Angie since she was trying to keep it quiet about her upcoming surgery. I think the news went viral at the school because a friend of hers started spreading the word to faculty and friends of Angie (at my request).

To anyone who goes to Angie's school, please don't talk about this blog so we can truly surprise her after the surgery. Please continue to send messages to be posted, and videos would be great too.

A new video today

I checked the mailbox this morning for and was very happy to see a new video submission. Linden Ashby, who plays the sheriff on Teen Wolf, took the time to send in a video wishing Angie well. This is awesome!

To anyone else out there thinking about creating a video, please get them submitted soon. The surgery is about a week and half away and I know these messages are really going to help her through the recovery process.

I just received another video this morning from Iain De Caestecker who plays Leo Fitz on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I keep getting more and more excited to share this with Angie. Keep those videos coming and I'll add them to the video gallery.