Recovery - Day 1

Angie had a rough first night, waking around 1am and not knowing where she was. She did not recognize her mom at first and was freaking out. The combination of pain medication and still getting the anesthesia out of her system caused some memory issues. Even though we talked to her right after she got to her room, and she seemed lucid, she didn't remember any part of that conversation.

Both grandmas, Sara, and I got to her room around 9:30 in the morning. She was awake, barely, and we asked if she wanted to see a little video to cheer her up. The video was 15 minutes long and was a compilation of all the videos on this blog, plus a few more from family and pets. She was overwhelmed when she saw each progression of the video. We started out with the musicians since she new about Midnight Red already. We then went on to the actors.

Thank you to everyone that has sent a video, card, photo or message. She has enjoyed each and every one of them.

After coming back from lunch we were pleasantly surprised to see Angie sitting up on the edge of her bed. This was her goal for the day. She was also able to lay on her back for an extended period of time.

Middle Earth sends their support

One of Angie's favorite story lines is Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I sent a letter to as many agents of the actors that I could find and it has paid off. We have a message and photo from one dwarf, a video from another, and signed photo in process from a third. Angie is going to love all this support. Thank you to everyone that has already submitted, and to everyone else, there's still time before we reveal the project to Angie. Of course you are always welcome to post afterwards as well.

Angie is the hot topic around school

Angie was in the elevator at school yesterday and someone was asking her about her health. Before Angie could finish, the other student said "Oh, you're the one everyone is talking about". Of course this surprised Angie since she was trying to keep it quiet about her upcoming surgery. I think the news went viral at the school because a friend of hers started spreading the word to faculty and friends of Angie (at my request).

To anyone who goes to Angie's school, please don't talk about this blog so we can truly surprise her after the surgery. Please continue to send messages to be posted, and videos would be great too.

A new video today

I checked the mailbox this morning for and was very happy to see a new video submission. Linden Ashby, who plays the sheriff on Teen Wolf, took the time to send in a video wishing Angie well. This is awesome!

To anyone else out there thinking about creating a video, please get them submitted soon. The surgery is about a week and half away and I know these messages are really going to help her through the recovery process.

I just received another video this morning from Iain De Caestecker who plays Leo Fitz on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I keep getting more and more excited to share this with Angie. Keep those videos coming and I'll add them to the video gallery.

Thank you Sounders

We received the card from the Sounders and an autographed photo of the starting goal keeper Stefan Frei. I've added the card to the cards gallery and the photo in the photos gallery.

Keep those messages coming.

More message to Angie coming in

I've been sending out a lot of emails soliciting support for Angie and we're starting to see some positive results. Today we received our first card and it was from the Seattle Seahawks. I also heard back from the Seattle Sounders and they are going to be sending her a card as well. 

The Women Sounders team has taken it even further. They have offered to have some players visit her in the hospital; or allow Angie to visit the team during one of their practices. I'm really hoping we can work out a visit to their practice after her surgery so she will be inspired to work hard on her recovery and get back to playing soccer again. I know she wants to play again.

I also heard back from a talent agency that said they are forwarding our message to one of the stars from the MTV show Teen Wolf. That is one of Angie's favorite shows and the new season starts on the day of her surgery. I sure hope we hear back from them.

Messages to Angie

We now have a couple of messages for Angie that came through this blog's CONTACT page. I created a "Messages" section in the gallery to share them with everyone one.

Sara and I were talking today about the blog and we decided to create an account for Angie so she can make her own posts after the surgery to communicate with everyone, and comment about the submissions.

The second pre-op physical therapy

Even with getting out of school early today for this appointment, Angie still needed to leave earlier than planned. Her back pain was too severe for her to concentrate.

I'm sitting in the waiting room now while she does her therapy. Hopefully they'll figure out some exercises to ease the pain.

On a side note, I sent out the first batch of requests for get well messages to friends and family today. I also sent an email to Midnight Red to see if they can add more to the gallery. I hope people read the email and submit items :)

More get well messages.

Over the weekend Angie got a chance to see several bands(Cassio Monroe, Midnight Red, The Wanted), and meet almost all of them. She know about one get well message because she's in the video, but she doesn't know about the message from Nathan from The Wanted. I've posted the videos and pictures in the gallery. I hope others will follow along and send more videos to surprise her after surgery.