Supportive messages for Angie.

You are a special child, there is no on on this earth just like you. With your spirit and strength you can get thru anything and become anything you want to be. Though we have never met You are now and forever will be on my daily prayer list. I ask that the Lord above send ho\is angels to be with you and to help you thru this to be come the best person that you can be, and to be able to help others along the way. For you have great strength Angie and I know you will come thru this with flying colors.

- Sabina (5/29/14)

I know things have not been easy for you. I admire your strength to push through your fears. Please know that I will always be there for you. As your Mother, I want to be by your side on this journey of yours to help you one day at a time. I hope you understand how much I appreciate you. My heart grows more in love for you, your Dad, and Sara everyday. There will be bad and good times on the road to recovery. As a family, together we will get through this. Trust to know you are in good hands. You are strong. Thank you for being my Angie. I look forward to many Angie fixes (Wink and Smile).

Love always,

- Mom (5/30/14)

you are a strong, intelligent, beautiful and special lady. You have a big caring heart and are ready to help whenever needed. I am amazed whenever I talk with you. Not only is your vocabulary surpassed one your age, your train of thought is mature for a teenager. I know everything will work out and be successful for your surgery because you will follow what your medical team instructs. My prayers for you are for a speed recovery and that you can continue to advise me what good books to read.

I love you,

- Grandma Bubbles (6/1/14)

Hey there! I know that you have been in lots of pain with your back. So after you have your surgery you will be young and wild and free. Aha. Anyway hope you will get better soon so we can get back to doing who knows what stupid things we will throw at each other aha.

Love your like best friend ever

- Abi (6/12/14)

I have known you since last year and I have learned that you are such an amazing and strong person. I hope your surgery makes you all better and you have no more pain because someone as amazing as you doesn't need it :)

- Brianna (6/12/14)

Hi Angie,
Someone here at Northwood sent an email today to the staff about your situation and even though I never had you as a student, I wanted to take the opportunity to respond.

Last year I was blessed with a new kidney and had transplant surgery on June 26th. I remember exactly that day and what it was like going in and coming out of the UW. I remember the summer and all the appointments and challenges I had to face. Through it all the one thing I had to fall back on were my family and friends who were all in my corner wishing me well and praying for me. Their strength became my strength. It is clear from this email "campaign" that you are loved. Embrace the challenges of your recovery knowing they will shape you into a stronger young woman who then has an experience to draw from to support others who come into your life. Staying postive- through the good and bad of dealing with doctors and hospitals can be tough, but remember that it's the BEST medicine for your physical and mental well being.

My family will start praying for you and your family. May the Good Lord watch over you and your recovery speed by so you can put this behind you as you move into high school.

All the best! Keep positive,

- Mr. Theriot (6/12/14)

Hey angie!
It has been very dreadful seeing you in pain. I really miss you when you dont go to school. I sit alone boohoo :c

Anyways... I really hope that your surgery goes well and you feel a TON better!!!!! And you might even be taller, not taller than me tho thats against our friend contract. Hopefully we can hang out soon!!! I really love you and want you to feel better!!! Mwah dahling. C;

- Ethan Glaser (6/13/14)

Hi there,
My name is John Callen and I play Oin, the old deaf dwarf in The Hobbit. I've heard about your condition and the operation you are to have. Our daughter Anna has had the same operation. I have put together a little envelope with a note for you. I hope you like it. Good luck from Middle Earth.

Best wishes,

- John C (6/15/14)

Will be thinking of you this summer and wishing you well in your recovery and in 9th grade! Can’t believe you are leaving NW already. Keep reading, and if you need any recommendations, let me know!


- Mrs. Pirog, Teacher Librarian
Northwood Middle School (6/17/14)

You've been a wonderful student to have in English Language Arts class this year. I know there have been some struggles as you deal with these health issues, but I have never heard you make excuses or become negative. That is a tribute to you, and I hope the support of family and friends will allow you to continue having a positive attitude all throughout your recovery.

Of course, you know I appreciate thoughtful and meaningful quotes. One particular quote that is believed to be of Buddhist origins, as far as I know, stands out to me right now as I think about you, your family, and your recovery from surgery: "Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional." Consider this quote, realize it is okay to rely upon your support system, and work to maintain a positive outlook. With those efforts and the collective prayers and wishes from your extended network, you'll get through recovery before you know it.

I wish you good luck in this endeavor, as well as in high school and beyond. Best wishes to you!

- Mr. Ohlsen (6/17/14)

From our family to your's get well & best wishes!!! But take your time cuz when ur healthy your Dad's crazy trainer has some exercises, like this you could be doing soon!-)

- Dan Paul (Dad's trainer) (6/20/14)

Dear Angie,
What an amazing young lady you have become. These last few months you have demonstrated such courage and grace under very challenging conditions. Despite your considerable pain, you kept your sense of humor and have been so sweet. And today you showed even more courage as you faced your fears and laughed and joked with us right up to the moment you went into surgery. Like I said, you are amazing. I'm so proud of you. And I'm so excited to hear the doctor's reports. What a wonderful answer to all our prayers. Congratulations, Angie. Love you soooo much.

- Grandma Bunn (6/23/14)