Angie is in surgery now

She was in a great mood, or at least putting on a brave face, as we departed in the pre-op room. She should be back there for a while and we'll be waiting in the lobby for news. They have a pager system here and they said they would be checking in with us every couple of hours.

Stay tuned...

UPDATE 1: Two hours into surgery and I just talked to one of the nurses. They are done with the left side and are now moving to the right side. They should be done in the next 1.5 to 2 hours. Angie is doing fine.

UPDATE 2: Four hours after surgery started and we got the word that she is done. The surgeon met with us to say everything went great. Her curvature is down from more than 70 degrees to about 20. She is in recovery right now and we wait again, this time for the drugs to wear off so we can see her in her room.

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Good luck dude, I wish a quick recovery.

Doug Shepard 6/23/2014 4:23:38 PM

Angie, we are all praying for your quick recovery and an easy and painless one at that.  I'm sure this will be a challenge for you in the short run but you will be thankful later that you did it now.  Next year you will be back to normal running around with all your friends.  

Good Luck and take care.
Doug Shepard....

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