More message to Angie coming in

I've been sending out a lot of emails soliciting support for Angie and we're starting to see some positive results. Today we received our first card and it was from the Seattle Seahawks. I also heard back from the Seattle Sounders and they are going to be sending her a card as well. 

The Women Sounders team has taken it even further. They have offered to have some players visit her in the hospital; or allow Angie to visit the team during one of their practices. I'm really hoping we can work out a visit to their practice after her surgery so she will be inspired to work hard on her recovery and get back to playing soccer again. I know she wants to play again.

I also heard back from a talent agency that said they are forwarding our message to one of the stars from the MTV show Teen Wolf. That is one of Angie's favorite shows and the new season starts on the day of her surgery. I sure hope we hear back from them.

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