Recovery - Day 1

Angie had a rough first night, waking around 1am and not knowing where she was. She did not recognize her mom at first and was freaking out. The combination of pain medication and still getting the anesthesia out of her system caused some memory issues. Even though we talked to her right after she got to her room, and she seemed lucid, she didn't remember any part of that conversation.

Both grandmas, Sara, and I got to her room around 9:30 in the morning. She was awake, barely, and we asked if she wanted to see a little video to cheer her up. The video was 15 minutes long and was a compilation of all the videos on this blog, plus a few more from family and pets. She was overwhelmed when she saw each progression of the video. We started out with the musicians since she new about Midnight Red already. We then went on to the actors.

Thank you to everyone that has sent a video, card, photo or message. She has enjoyed each and every one of them.

After coming back from lunch we were pleasantly surprised to see Angie sitting up on the edge of her bed. This was her goal for the day. She was also able to lay on her back for an extended period of time.

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