Recovery - Day 2

Sara and I didn't get to the hospital until lunch time today due to another appointment for Sara. We were pleasantly surprised to walk into Angie's room and see her sitting in her recliner next to her bed. This was part of the goal today to be able to transition to the chair and back to the bed. The transition from the chair to the bed was a little difficult when trying to get out of the chair. With some assistance from me and the nurse she was able to get up and move back to the bed. Now we just need her to do that one more time today. If all goes well she should be able to walk a little bit tomorrow.

This morning Angie was also taken off her PCA (a self administered pain medication) and she had her drain tubes removed. Both are big steps towards recovery.

Her catheter can be removed any time she feels she's ready, with the caveat that she has to be able to get out of the bed to use the restroom. It's a bit frustrating knowing that she is still in a lot of pain and that makes her grumpy and not wanting assistance from us, only the nurses.

She did have one non-family member come and visit her today. That was really cool. We hope that others will be able to stop by and visit. In case anyone is interested, she is in RC 5.810 at Seattle Children's Hospital and the visiting hours are 8am-8pm. The current target date is Saturday for her to go home. 

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